5 Puisi Ibu dalam bahasa Inggris

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Puisi Ibu Dalam Bahasa Inggris

Puisi Ibu Dalam Bahasa Inggris – Selamat berbahagia semua pembaca yang budiman dan budimin. Apakah anda sudah bahagia hari ini? Berjumpa dalam postingan teraspuisi.com yang pada postingan sebelumnya menyajikan puisi pahlawan terupdate.

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Kali ini Bang Mimin yang cakep akan menyajikan puisi ibu bahasa inggris. Meskipun jika ditelisik lebih dalam lagi di blog ini juga sudah menyajikan puisi ibu, tapi dalam bahasa indonesia. Bisa di cek di puisi ibu, tapi siapa tahu para pembaca ada yang sedang mencari puisi ibu dalam bahasa inggris, agar kelihatan gaul (hahaha), kami akan berusaha menyajikanya untuk anda sekalian.

Tapi perlu diketahui puisi inggris tentang ibu kami tidak menyertakan terjemahannya, karena kami hanya menguasai bahasa indonesia dan bahasa daerah. Hahaha

Tidak perlu menunggu lama kita simak puisidalam bahasa inggris yang sebenarnya kami kurang paham artinya, 😀


Puisi Ibu Dalam Bahasa Inggris ke 1

Judul : Mommy Do You Love Me?

Pengarang : Arnot McCallum

Mommy, do you love me?

Of course I do dear!

Let’s snuggle a minute,

Come sit,

Over here.


I prayed every bedtime,

For a little girl like you,

And when I saw your funny face,

No one else would do!


Your face was all wrinkled,

Your skin was all red.

You were bald as a beach ball,

Not a hair on your head.


You cried and you yelled

You burped and you spit,

You threw the odd tantrum,

You took the odd fit.


But you’re growing up quickly

And soon you’ll take flight,

And I’ll be alone

With my memories each night.


SO, you ask, DO I LOVE YOU?

My answer is simple,

I love every freckle,

I love every dimple.

I love every giggle

I love every smile,

You’re my reason for living,

You make life worthwhile.

Together we’ll travel life’s road to the end.

Sweetheart, you’re my daughter!

My Very Best Friend!

Puisi Ibu Bahasa Inggris ke 2

Judul : Mommy

Pengarang : Madisyn B

You brushed my hair and tucked me in,

Made me laugh for hours on end.

You kissed my boo-boos when I fooled around.

Mommy, you never let me down.


You held my hand as I got my shots

Then took me for ice cream that hit the spot.

You bought me Polly-Pockets and Barbies too.

Mommy, there’s no one quite like you


You held my hand as I walked through the door,

Then you met my teacher as I stared at the floor.

You told me it’d be fun, and I’d make friends too,

And for that reason, Mommy, I love you.


You listened to me talk about the drama and boys

Then taught me how to handle it with class and poise.

You spoke with wisdom and of things you know.

You love to hear me say, “Mommy, you told me so.”


You love the Lord with all you heart,

And you’re kind and gentle and pretty and smart

If I could be anyone, I’d pick you

‘Cause, Mommy, the world would be better with two of you.


You’ve taught me so much, with more in store

And with each day that passes, I love you more.

Puisi Ibu Dalam Bahasa Inggris ke 3

Judul : Mommy Dearest

Pengarang : Deanne Finewood

Mommy Dearest you will always be

My mother so loving and so loved by me

For God has taken you to be by his side

Now in Heaven is where you will reside


You have blessed my life in so many ways

I will cherish our memories until the end of my days

You left me too soon and this was not part of our plan

But God’s wishes always come before those of man


Without you I must travel the path alone

No longer my guide, the way you had shown

Your heart my have been weak, but you were strong

For your loving embrace I will always long


God sent you to me as a special gift from above

To teach me life’s lessons and shower me with your love

I will always remember your beautiful and smiling face

In my heart you will always have a very special place


A special bond we shared like no other

For this is possible for only Daughter and Mother

I thanked God for each day we were able to share

But without you in my life it is too difficult to bear


Being with God, I hope you will find joy and peace

In this I can find comfort and some happiness at least

For Mommy Dearest you will always be

My Mother so loving and so loved by me

Puisi Ibu Bahasa Inggris ke 4

Judul : My Heart

Pengarang : Sharlynn N. Manning

She’s always been there for me

Just talking to her can make me happy

She tells me of the hard times she’s been through

In hopes that I won’t go through them too

She’s an independent woman of stature and grace

She has beautiful eyes and a lovely face

An audacious strength from deep inside

In her I know I can confide

She’s my guardian angel who’ll always be

A very special part of me

She takes pride in caring for her kin

She gives us hope and things to believe in

If I didn’t have her there for me

I wouldn’t be half the woman I turned out to be

I Love You Mom

Puisi Ibu Bahasa Inggris ke 5

Judul : Precious Gift

Pengarang : Sherri Lawrence

When times seem too hard to bear and I feel like giving up

I vision your beautiful face, the twinkle of your eyes and things of such

The bond we created from my womb to the day you were born

Is a mother and daughter bond that can never be torn

With the strength and guidance of God and the blessings he pours down from above

I want to be the best mom I can be to you and embrace you with all my love

You are as precious as a flower and as gorgeous as a rose

You have been specially made to the very tip of your nose

You are as sweet as honey; such an innocent young child

You are brighter than any star in the sky every time you smile

I want you to be proud of who you are and strive to be the best

Put forth efforts to achieve your goals and let God do the rest

I will always be your mother first, but I’m also your friend

You are the most precious gift, that I’ve ever been given


With All My Love,


Itu saja puisi ibu bahasa inggris yang dapat kami sajikan untuk pembaca sekalian. Sebenarnya masih banyak puisi dalam bahasa inggris yang bisa kami tuliskan, tapi saya cape. Harap maklum karena kurang ngopi.

Para pembaca yang budiman bisa mengunjungi sumber puisi di atas dengan mengunjungi familyfriendpoems.com. disitu banyak puisi ibu bahasa inggris yang bagus dan keren

Tapi bila pembaca mencari puisi dalam bahasa indonesia misal puisi cinta, puisi sahabat, puisi ibu singkat ataupun puisi yang lain. Silahkan di cari di blog ini saja. Jangan kemana-mana

Akhir kata semoga bahagia dan kaya raya, jangan lupa ngopi

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